Betmaker is the leading sportbook odds mobile app for both Apple and Android devices and one of the most trusted brand names in the US sports betting industry.

Winning Made Easy

Betmaker provides a safe and secure app that delivers an authentic and entertaining sports betting experience featuring real-time odds and instant sports betting action without the risk.

Launched in 2021, Betmaker offers a great starting point for learning the basics of how to bet on sports, from futures betting to pregame betting to live in-game betting. By helping you discover your strengths and weaknesses, Betmaker is an excellent tool for guiding your handicapping and betting adjustments before you stake real money.

Responsible Gambling

At Betmaker, we believe that gambling should simply be for fun and for entertainment, and we aspire to ensure that your gambling experiences remain so. It is our mission to improve your gambling experience by offering as much guidance as we can through high-quality content and relevant resources so you can have fun and make highly-informed decisions when gambling.

We are aware of the great responsibility we have as it pertains to educating our users about responsible gambling. As a result, you can find relevant information about responsible gambling and the contact details for organizations that can help you if you feel you have a gambling addiction. Always bet with your head, and not over it.

If you feel that your gambling is beyond your control, we urge you to please reach out for help now.