Brian Blessing and Bruce Marshall from the Gold Sheet welcome Kevin from BookMaker to talk about NFL futures heading into Week 3 of the NFL regular season. There have been more NFL quarterback injuries than ever before and Kevin gives some insight into how BookMaker has moved the NFL future odds because of quarterback injuries.

Two of the biggest NFL quarterback injuries this season occurred in Week 2 as Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger and New Orleans’ Drew Brees got hurt. Roethlisberger is out for the season, while Brees is out for about six weeks. Kevin said that the odds on the Steelers moved a lot, while the odds on the Saints moved just a little bit.

Brian believes that New Orleans could have some value on the futures board, even with Brees out. Teddy Bridgewater takes over at quarterback for the Saints and he has proven to be a quality quarterback in the NFL. Brian and Bruce also have some positive things to say about Taysom Hill, who has been the gadget quarterback for the Saints.

Kevin also gave some insight into where the money came in after the key quarterback injuries. He noted that there have not been a lot of surprises, with the Chiefs, Cowboys and Ravens getting typical futures action. Brian and Kevin are both high on Seattle and they think the Seahawks could have some value in the NFL futures market. Brian is high on another NFC team, while Bruce has a couple of teams he is looking at.

Listen to the NFL futures podcast and get more insight from Kevin and Bruce on which teams to watch and which ones you might want to fade as the season progresses.

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIV

New England Patriots +300

Kansas City Chiefs +500

Dallas Cowboys +1000

Los Angeles Rams +1000

Green Bay Packers +1200

Baltimore Ravens +1800

Minnesota Vikings +1800

New Orleans Saints +2000

Houston Texans +2500

San Francisco 49ers +3000

Philadelphia Eagles +3000

Chicago Bears +3500

Cleveland Browns +3500

Los Angeles Chargers +3500

Seattle Seahawks +4000

Buffalo Bills +5000

Indianapolis Colts +5000

Atlanta Falcons +6000

Detroit Lions +7000

Jacksonville Jaguars +10000

Carolina Panthers +10000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +12500

New York Giants +20000

Tennessee Titans +20000

Arizona Cardinals +50000

Oakland Raiders +50000

Pittsburgh Steelers +50000

Denver Broncos +100000

Washington Redskins +100000

Cincinnati Bengals +250000

New York Jets +250000

Miami Dolphins +2500000

Check out the NFL futures podcast to get all of the insight from Brian, Bruce and Kevin.